Who we are

We are a global, dynamic, and flexible company, specialized in implementing Salesforce® solutions for Marketing, Sales, Commerce, and Customer Service.

We drive the growth of businesses by making their customer management more efficient, streamlining their processes, and enabling a better visualization of the health of their businesses to facilitate decision-making.

With a team of excellence, we design and implement efficient and creative custom solutions, always going the extra mile in the pursuit of innovation. We believe in well-done, simple, productive, useful, and agile work.

We understand that to translate needs into solutions, we have to value our listening and empathy skills to make technology bring us closer. That’s why we are the human side of digital transformation.


Our values

We Care

We care for and deeply concern ourselves with our customers, our team, and society.

We Commit

We are committed to delivering quality results for our clients and contributing to diversity within our team.

We Impact

We positively impact the business outcomes of our clients and the well-being of our team, with sustainable development goals.

We learn

We are constantly learning. We use mistakes as opportunities for learning and continuous improvement.

We move forward

We are agile, adaptable, and do whatever it takes to innovate. We never stop moving.

Wolke in numbers

What is Salesforce®?

It is the world’s #1 CRM software, allowing you to track all sales information and customer interactions, optimize marketing actions, coordinate service sales, and create dynamic communities in one place quickly, easily, and intelligently. A unique opportunity to scale your business and take it to the next level.»



In Wolke, we embrace digital transformation as a way of life. We support our clients by providing personalized advice for the implementation of Salesforce® in their projects, offering support and training for users, developing change management programs, and providing training for solution certifications.

Salesforce Project Implementation

We facilitate the planning, implementation, and deployment of Salesforce®, analyzing all aspects of the organization to identify valuable opportunities and potential risks, ensuring a successful project.

Evolutionary Support

We provide comprehensive assistance to Salesforce® users to optimize their CRM management and support the effective operation of their platform, ensuring a high standard of service and compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Additionally, through our consulting capabilities, we become strategic partners for companies, helping them evolve the tool by incorporating new functionalities.

Adoption and Change Management

We enhance the efficiency and success of implementations by assisting Salesforce® users in adopting the use of solutions, thereby optimizing the investment. Additionally, hand in hand with experts, we collaborate in change management associated with digital transformation. We ensure that technology integrates organically with organizational culture by incorporating new methods and processes.

QuickStart Implementations

A QuickStart project is a rapid implementation with predefined scope that includes standard configuration and a training plan to start operating on Salesforce® within 6 weeks.


We develop the most suitable teams so that our clients can operate with Salesforce®, entrusting us with the hiring and training of the experts that the company needs to enhance its business.

Salesforce® Products



It allows businesses to manage and automate the entire sales cycle, from lead generation to contract closure. It provides tracking, analysis, and collaboration tools, helping to enhance the productivity and efficiency of teams


Customer Service

Enables managing customer service to provide excellent post-sales support through multiple channels. It provides tools for case management, logging and tracking interactions, automating workflows, and delivering personalized service.



Provides all the necessary tools to acquire new customers and ensure the loyalty of existing ones, getting to know them better over time, measuring results, and maximizing the marketing budget.


Data cloud

Enables managing customer data and actionable real-time information at scale.


Commerce Cloud

For both B2B and B2C businesses, this e-commerce solution achieves creating intelligent and unified shopping experiences across all channels: mobile, social, web, and online store.



It enhances efficiency by quickly creating applications, automating processes, building better apps, and safeguarding data.



This solution enables driving business outcomes, assessing business health, and making informed business decisions through data, utilizing visual analytics, and AI-based predictions.



This platform enables flexible connections among people, partners, and applications, driving team productivity and collaboration.

We also develop specific implementation projects for: Small Businesses – Automotive Industry – Consumer Goods – Manufacturing – Financial Services – Healthcare – Non-profit Organizations – Technology.

Committed teams. Satisfied customers. Businesses that thrive.


Our clients

We love accompanying and helping companies to continue growing through Salesforce®.
Thanks to all the clients who trust in us.

Be part of Wolke

We are one of the most dynamic Salesforce® partners in Latin America. We’ve created a collaborative, flexible, and dynamic workspace where well-being and career development are prioritized. We thrive in a startup mode, always open to proposals, ideas, and initiatives.

We take pride in our clients recognizing our commitment and ability to translate needs into solutions, as it speaks to our empathy and listening skills, essential to understanding their business and taking it to the next level.

And we don’t just do it in any way; we care about the process. We approach projects with warmth and humanity, seeking to integrate ourselves with each client’s teams to make their projects flow.

Together, we are creating a future of new opportunities. If you love challenges, like we do, we are waiting for you! Send us your CV


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